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"Let's Talk Deutsch"! A chance to find out about the Freundeskreis and speak to members without the need to know English. The first meeting on the 18th will be in the Nibelungenquelle, Bensheim at 8.00pm We hope to see you there!

Summer has arrived with the Buergerfest in Bensheim (7th to 10th June) and our now traditional drinks stand next to the Buergerwehrbrunnen where we will be selling Guinness, Kilkenny and other beverages to support the society.

### Additional 'High Tea' dates at Tea Time in Bensheim planned starting from September until the end of the year. Further details can be found here. ###

Note: If you wish to be added to the email list for these events, send your request to the relevant person on our contacts page.

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