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We are an association according to German law founded in 1997 but our music seminars already date back to the year 1989.

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Our objective is to work on pieces of music and to experience music in collaboration and with awareness. We want to counteract an upcoming "musical unconsciousness". This is achieved through a good mixture between amateur and professional musicians which allows to bridge traditional gaps, thus leading to music being realised more as an advanced process of teamworking. We invite any amateur or professional music player to our seminars as long as he or she feels ready to practice and play chamber and orchestra music during an intensive period of training. Those who are not fully certain about their level of playing are also very much welcome and should consider joining in any case. What you need at least are the technical skills in case of active participation. The rest will be given to you during the seminars.


Hans Erik Deckert born 1927 in Hamburg/Germany received his first music education at Musisches Gymansium (Kurt Thomas) in Frankfurt a. M./Germany, became a student in violoncello, conducting and music theory at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen/Denmark and joined the Orchestra of the Royal Copenhagen Opera House. From 1960 to 1989 he was a teacher for cello and chamber music in various music academies as well as a conductor of different orchestras in Sweden and Denmark where he ended up as a professor of the Jutland Academy of Music Århus/Denmark. He has been working with people like Pablo Casals, Maurice Gendron, Igor Markevitch or Sergiu Celibidache. He is a co-founder of the Alanus University of Arts in Bonn/ Germany and the founder of the Cello Academy and the Danish section of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA) of which he acted as a president for ten years. On ESTA-Conferences he conducted the following lectures: „Geben und Nehmen, Kammermusik als Schule der musikalischen Zusammenarbeit“ (Edinburgh, 1981), „Musik und Instrument“ (Bern, 1984), „Musik und Methode“ (Rom, 1988).

Hans Erik Deckert works internationally as a teacher at cello-, chamber music- and orchestra workshops. He also holds seminars on musical phenomenology. His main interest is the conscious reception of processes in music as an objective reality. Another project is “teamwork, for example in the world of music”, where the social processes of playing in an ensemble are presented as an example for any humans working together, for instance in companies. Similar projects have been conducted in numerous well known firms and at congresses. Hans Erik Deckert is the founder of the Cello Academy, a chamber orchestra for young European cellists. His activities as a musician have lead him to most European countries, as well as to Egypt, Japan and South America. His book “Musik und Mensch” (music and man) was published in Denmark in 2006, (second edition - 2008). In January 2016, the book was published in German under the title “Mensch und Musik” (man and music). In October already, the second edition came out by Novalis publishers. English and Spanish versions are under way.

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Paul Landsiedel. My CV starts 1940 in Frankfurt/Main. As an 8 year old I am a novice wind player in a trombone ensemble, then at the age of 13 I find the instrument which suits me the best. Ever since then I've been playing the horn.
After graduating from high school (music exam piece: 2nd horn concerto by Mozart) - horn lessons at the Musikakademie in Kassel and first orchestral position in the Kurorchester Wilhelmshöh. Studied broadcasting technology in Nuremberg, followed by appointment as sound engineer at the Hessische Rundfunk (HR) broadcasting studios. Since 1966 alongside study of musicology, freelance sound editor at HR. Subsequently employed by private studios in Frankfurt and Munich. 1980 set up own studio with colleagues focusing on music production.
Since retirement attending lectures and seminars at Frankfurt University (FU) now in my 24th semester.
While still working played regularly in orchestras and chamber music groups as well as taking part in holiday courses. For the last 25 years horn player with the “Frankfurter Orchester Gesellschaft”, also wind coach. Director of the brass ensemble “Unibrass”. Member of the “Akademisches Orchester” FU, wind quintet “Affabile” and brass quintet “Limes Brass” also writing special arrangements.

Alsbach-Hähnlein is a romantic and sunny village between Frankfurt and Heidelberg along Bergstrasse and at the border of a small mountainous area called Odenwald. It possesses a modern community hall which is available for our seminars. Chamber music is also performed in the houses of different local families which also take charge of food and accommodation as far as possible. Alsbach-Hähnlein is surrounded by blossom trees and vignards, the latter being the origin of some fine local wines. The ruin of an old castle is located on the hills behind the village and numerous trails allow hikes with a splendid view into the wide Rhine valley. Heidelberg and various other old traditional cities are within a range of 50 km and can be easily accessed by car or public transport. The same refers to Frankfurt Airport, which is at a 40 km distance along the motorway.

Our seminars are funded through donations provided by participants. The figures mentioned below are indications only. The different programs evolved over the years:


20th Chamber Music Workshop,
Friday, May 19 (evening) to Tuesday May 23, 2017

Each ensemble will have the opportunity of working 3 to 4 times with Prof. Deckert. The rest of the time can be used for rehearsing either with one's own ensemble or in newly combined chamber music groups with other participants, for experiencing the coaching of the other ensembles or just to explore the interesting countryside around Alsbach. The workshop will end with a small concert in a private atmosphere.
Average Donation Value: 130 € (Students 90 €)
VBMA Roland Schiemann
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29th Orchestra Music Workshop, Wednesday, May 24 (evening) to Sunday, May 28, 2017
Mendelssohn: Overture op.26, "The Hebrides“
Schubert: Octet F-Major D. 72 for 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bs, 2 hr.
Vivaldi: 2 of the Four Concerts for Violin and Strings "The Four Seasons“
Mozart: Symphony Nr.38 D-Major KV 504 "Prague Symphony"

Parts will be sent to the participants about 10 weeks prior to the workshop. Approx. 25 hrs. of orchestra training. The workshop finishes with a public concert.
Average Donation Value: 100 € (Students 60 €); in combination with the Chamber Music Workshop 180 € (Students 110 €)
See photo-gallery of this type of workshop!

Contact: VBMA Roland Schiemann
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25th Cello Workshop, Thursday, November 16 to Sunday, November 19, 2017
Contact:VBMA Cornelia Heymann


Accomodation and Food
We will assist you in finding accommodation ranging from local families to hotels. Food is usually organised centrally by some of our local members at a price of around 5,00 € per person and meal.

Travel Assistance on how to reach Alsbach-Haehnlein:
Deutsche Bahn AG

Verein Bergsträßer Musikseminare in Alsbach-Hähnlein e.V.
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