The Sea of Rocks (Felsenmeer)

The Sea of Rocks

Just outside of the western boundaries of Beedenkirchen on the southern slopes of the Felsberg is the spectacular "Sea of Rocks" (in German: Felsenmeer). The rocks are large granite boulders reaching a size of more than three metres. The whole bed of loose rocks is piled up along the length of 800 metres up the hillside and 80 metres across and is now set in a wood of majestic beech trees. This is a wonderful area for clambering and climbing. At the bottom of the hillside is an information centre and a large car park (paying). This area is now part of the global Geopark network (a UNESCO project).

Even more fascinating are the remains of Roman stone masonary work from the one-time busy Roman quarry providing some building stone in such places as Heidelberg and Trier. In the Felsenmeer you can still see very many unfinished remains of this work, the most spectacular being the large column (Riesensäule) which is 9.39 metres long and 1.30 metres in diameter. This work was seemingly left behind as being faulty or, perhaps, the Romans just left in a hurry. A few years ago some unknown people lit a fire next to the column and the heat caused a fracture.

The hillside is covered in many well signposted hiking paths that extend over many kilometres. The paths take you around all of the main Roman work pieces. At the top of the hill (Felsberg, 515 mtr) is a stone viewing tower built in 1901/02 (Ohlyturm - open only on prior arrangement) and an African restaurant (Ada's Buka - check opening times).


Compiled by Johnny Glover

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