35 Years Twinned with Radlett (Parish of Aldenham)

Auf die Flagge klicken,
um die deutsche Fassung zu zeigen

From 2nd to 5th October 2015 the 35 year anniversary of the twinning with Radlett (Parish of Aldenham) was celebrated in Lautertal.

On the 2nd Oct. early in the afternoon the main part of the delegation arrived by coach from Frankfurt airport to a small reception in the "Heidenberg Halle" in Gernsheim. The others had already arrived previously by car.


3rd October:
Due to the 25 year anniversary of the German reunification, the delegation with their hosts were driven to Frankfurt by coach to spent the best part of the day joining in the with celebrations.

The approaches to the north and south bank of the river Main where the celebrations took part were blocked to traffic and when we arrived the area was still quite empty of people.

Impressions of Frankfurt:

At 5 o'clock we were picked up again by the coach and returned to Reichenbach and had dinner together in the "Traube".


4th October:
This was a fully packed day with three separately organised events. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too great with ocassional drizzle.

In the morning was the official reception with an exchange of gifts at the town hall.

Helmut Lechner, who was the initiator of the twinning movement in Lautertal and the chairman of APEG until the last elections, was given a big thank you by Clive Glover, the present chairman of RAIFA for all his work and efforts over the last 35 years.

Then there were refreshments provided by the council.

After that we went out onto the market square, passed the telephone box that was donated many years ago, and is now a micro library, and passed the granite commemorative stone marking the distances to Jarnac (France) and Radlett as well as the twinning tree and on to the new teak park bench which was to be unveiled.

Following the official part we all drove to Lorsch to visit the newly opened (2014) unique experimental archeological open-air ancient village (ca. 9th century) where we had a guide to show us around. fortunately the rain eased off and the guided tour was held in the dry.

Finally, to end the exhausting day, we were all invited to an evening of good German food and music (and dance) by Margarette and Albrecht Kaffenberger in the foyer of the Lautertaler Hall.



5th October:
For most this was the day of return. At 9 o'clock the coach was to leave for Frankfurt Airport. A beautifully sunny day again and everyone was happy. Everyone obviously enjoyed the weekend.



Report, photos and layout: Johnny Glover