Interesting Information on Germany in English

1. Description of Lautertal and Area

Lautertal is beautifully situated amidst the hills on the edge of the forest of Oden and has many interesting stories to it. Have a look at the report on the area and get an insight to this wonderful place.


2.  The Song of the Nibelungs

This ancient saga is well known in Germany and even inspired Wagner. The important scenes in this take place in and around Lautertal. Find out more about the Nibelungs here.


3. A link to British royalty
The castle "Schloß Schönberg" is an old and very picturesque building perched above the entrance to Lautertal. This ancient and otherwise obscure estate has distinct links to British royalty. Learn more about the Castle here.

4. Germany's Carneval Season

Once a year during the Lent season the citizens of Germany and surrounding countries put their normal lives to one side and let off steam. This is the very traditional so-called "5th season" of the year or just "crazy days". Learn more about Fasching here.