The Freundeskreis was founded on 26th November 1979 at the Cafe Schmitt in Bensheim. The idea for the formation of the Freundeskreis Bensheim-Amersham is said to have been conceived not in Bensheim but at an airport in London. This is where in 1979 a group from Bensheim - who had just been visiting Amersham - unexpectedly had to wait over night for the flight home. In retrospect, the idea to strengthen the German-English twinning, already in existence for two years in 1979, by means of a friendship development society.

The former Mayor of Bensheim, Georg Stolle, remarkes in a contribution to the 20th anniversary of the Freundeskreis in 1999, that the project put into practice on the 26th November 1979, sprung from the original town twinning society.

In November 1979, Mrs Mieschen Keppler was elected chairperson of the Freundeskreis. Later on, Josef Habermehl took over the chair. Succeeding him in 1993 was Gerhard Buch who held the reigns until 2012. Since then Leony Blank-Eknayan has taken on the role of chairperson until 2016 when Waltrud Ottiger stepped up to the role.