Welcome to the Freundeskreis Bensheim-Amersham Website

Within these web pages you will find much information about the Freundeskreis Bensheim-Amersham, not only about who we are but also about what we do and the activities we get up to during the year.

The Freundeskreis is responsible for the town twinning between Bensheim and Amersham. It was started two years after the town twinning was established between Bensheim, Bergstrasse in Germany and Amersham, Buckinghamshire in the UK. It was formed by a group of friends in 1979 and organises yearly visits to Amersham for its members during the Summer and arranges the hosting of visitors from Amersham during the Autumn. This is augmented by the organisation of trips to major European cities each year with members of the Amersham Youth Council and other similar groups from the Amersham or Bensheim areas. We also participate in local festivals, providing information and serving beverages at so-called British stands.

We also have a “Let’s Talk English” group which meets on the last Tuesday of each month. This provides the opportunity for people to talk together in English and to converse with native English speakers who are living and working in Germany within the local area.

We would be delighted if you took time to visit the following pages provided here and, if interested, make contact with us.